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Here at e Jukebox Restoration, our passion lies with the king of the American Diners through the 40’s to 60’s – THE JUKEBOX and we want to see every single jukebox restored to its former glory.

The 1950’s in America was a time for musical greats and started the evolution of music being played in Diners. The Jukebox rose to fame in popular culture and become the quintessential feature of bars and diners across the United States and then over Europe. By the middle of the 1940’s, three quarters of the records produced in America went into jukeboxes. Their beautifully sculpted appearance and their unique, rich sound added style, entertainment and a talking piece for any venue!

The success of the jukebox could be attributed to the American designs and styling: Wurlitzer, Rockola, Seeburg, AMI, Mills and Capehart were the earliest developers of the jukebox. It was Homer Capehart that was later influential in the design and development of the Wurlitzer, despite Mills having the longest background in the production of coin operated entertainment. Jukebox design featured heavily on the relationship with the 50s styling of automobiles, the biggest design users being Seeburg and Rockola , with AMI having a smaller influence. Chrome and fins dominated in a fascination with the American dream cars of the 50s and 60s.

e Jukebox Restoration has been restoring and repairing jukeboxes here in Western Australia for over 20 years and will restore your jukebox to its former glory.

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Like any timeless classic experience, knowledge and care can make the difference between an average restoration to a faultless and perfect jukebox. e Jukebox Restoration has been restoring and repairing Jukeboxes for over 20 years and we are familiar with all major iconic brands and specialize in AMI, Seeburg and Rockola.

We offer a complete diagnosis and re-manufacturing facility to analyse and restore virtually any jukebox made between the late 40s and 1960s. Later models are also catered for as these become sought after, therefore making parts availabity easier to come by. Our complete cosmetic restoration can include painting, sandblasting, metal refinishing, wood refinishing, trim and veneer work and other custom treatments at your request.

So whether it is a family heirloom, or perhaps you've always wanted your own vintage jukebox, e Jukebox Restoration can restore your treasures back to their original glory.

e Jukebox Restoration also offers an appraisal service for both residential and commercial customers, and jukeboxes can be shipped interstate and overseas as required.

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